Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Basketball Season

Kamen's freshman basketball season is over, and it was awesome! They ended up 7-1 in their conference and 1st place. He had a great season. He averaged 17 points a game and had 33 points in the last game of the season. He just started track last week. He is doing the high jump and running the 100 meter, and a 4x100 relay as of right now. He will probably end up doing one or two more events once he gets some more practices in. Justus has decided not to do baseball with his travel team this year. This would be his 5th year with them, but he's going to learn to golf and have his weekends off to do whatever he wants. Maddie's also taking golf lessons, and I will be golfing on a women's league. We are all so excited for summer! They will miss snowboarding, but I really won't miss anything about winter!

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Holidays

It's been a while since I posted again, but we had a great Christmas. We stayed at my mom's, like usual. Trent and the baby were there this year, so it was really fun. The kids got just about everything they wanted, I think. We spent New Year's Eve at a hotel. The kids went swimming, ate, and ran around. Kamen and his friend snuck into the pool at 12:30 a.m, after it was closed, while the rest of us watched from the hall. They didn't swim earlier because they were in the room watching a Hooter's Swimsuit Competition and playing poker...way more fun than swimming! We were up til about 3, and they were all up at 8:30 to eat breakfast and swim some more...crazy. It was so fun. Kamen made the Freshman basketball team and his games start Jan. 20th. I can't wait!

Monday, December 1, 2008


I know I have been really slacking lately, but I will try to update more through the winter. Kamen is playing basketball in a Rec league in Idaho falls. He is having fun of course, but he can't wait for school ball to start after Christmas. We had a small Thanksgiving this year, just my brothers and their families and me and my kids at my Mom and Dad's. This is very unusual for our family, usually there is at least 25 or 30 wherever we have it, but this year my mom's brothers and sisters each had their own little dinner with their families. It was relaxing and fun, but I hope next year there will be a big group of us again, I kinda missed it! I'm having computer issues at home, but I'll try to get new pics posted soon.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My two cute neices

This is Raylee and Saibrey. Saibrey is my brother Travis and his wife Cara's youngest. This was the funniest thing, they were laughing sooo hard. They would stop for a minute, then start again, it was so cute!

First day of school

This was the first day of school. I made them do this, we couldn't get it over with fast enough for Kamen though!! He's in 9th grade this year, I hate saying that by the way, Justus is in 7th, and Maddie's in 6th, that's not much easier, no more kids in elementary!!! WHAT, I can't be that old, can I??

My neice, Raylee

Here's my baby, I mean Trent and Lindsie's baby, Raylee . In the first one, we were at Broulim's, and her little face was so dirty and she was tired, that's the only reason she was actually sitting in the cart. She is always moving, and always talking. She's loud too, just like her dad!

Ellie, our spoiled kitty

Here is our kitty princess Ellie, we don't really call her that, but she acts like one. We all baby her so bad, it's ridiculous. Even Kamen loves her, she's his baby, and he is not an animal lover. She even has her own little Bratz chair, and drinking fountain! She's so dang cute tho, we love her.

Typical night at our house

This is a pretty normal night at our house lately, since it's been getting colder at night. Kamen's on the phone with his girlfriend, don't even get me started about that, and Jus and Maddie aka Peyten, are hanging out in the kitchen messing around on the computer. Oh, excuse me, Maddie just informed me that she was taking care of her virtual pet monkey, Cheeky on Webkins. During the summer, they were usually outside playing with the neighbor kids until after I went to bed! I got too tired trying to stay up until they came in. And you all know how it is, I would yell for them to come in and they would say, but they don't have to come in yet, so I'd let them stay out too. Good thing I live in a good neighborhood!

Juice's Birthday

Here are some pics of Juice's B-day party. It was a long time ago I know, I've been a slacker all summer!! These are most of the boys he has played travel baseball, several basketball leagues, and football with since they were little, and a couple of neighbors.

Peyten's self photography!!

????? Who's she telling to SSSHHH?

What a goofball!!
She's gonna be so mad I put these on here!! So cute tho!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Kamen left this morning on his first school trip. He went to Grand Targhee for the Idaho Drug-Free Youth Summit. He is one of about 15 from his school chosen to go, the officer at his school nominated him. They have motivational speakers, leadership activities, an obstacle course, and all kinds of fun stuff planned for them. They stay in the lodge with kids from all over Idaho. He'll meet so many people, and it's such a great opportunity, and I'm so proud of him for being chosen, but, he won't be home until Thursday! It was so hard to leave him at the bus! I did okay until he got out of the car, then I started bawling, and bawled all the way to work! He called me on the way, and when he got there and told me how awesome it is already, so I'm feeling much better. Justus has basketball camp at the high school Tuesday through Thursday, and a baseball tournament in Idaho Falls Friday and Saturday. He is doing so well again this year! He is lead off batter (first batter) and almost always gets on base. As always he is an awesome outfielder, they call him and Kamen outfield vacuums! We had his birthday party a little late this year, because the weather has been so bad. We finally had it Saturday night, his whole baseball team came to our house! They ate ice cream cake, had a wiffle ball game in the backyard, then doorbell ditched some girls in our neighborhood. They had fun, and made a lot of noise. Peyten has a hip-hop dance class on Wednesday nights, and has a cheer clinic Friday at the high school. They will learn a cheer/dance Friday, then they will perform it in the parade on Saturday. This week is a little busier than usual, but they are having a fun summer so far!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Here is a newer pic of Raylee, just snacking on her toes. How would it be?? I need to get some pics of Saibrey and Daegan, my other neice and nephew. I'll work on that this weekend, you all have to see how cute they are, too!

Here are my happy kids on the last day of school. Justus has his first dance today, so he used a lot of conditioner and then picked his hair out, and wore his favorite shirt! He's so funny!

Here is Kamen sleeping in the car again. He's been doing that a lot lately, and eating A LOT, too. I think it's because he's growing so fast, he's as tall as me now. Weird!

Lori and I took my kids, Mylee, and Halle Chase to Leo's. They ate a little bit of pizza, and played games to get tickets and used them to get a lot of candy. These pics are on the way home, aren't they cute when they're asleep!!!!

Kamen was on the 8th grade basketball team this year. He's shooting guard, and he is sooo awesome!! Seriously, I know I'm his mom, but he can play. He loves to steal, and shoot 3 pointers. It's definitely his passion, and he works on it day and night.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

This is a super old pic of my neice Raylee, but it's so dang cute!! She looks just like Trent! She turned 1 in April, and she still won't walk!! She can, she just doesn't want to. She dances, and yells at her dogs, and LOVES her Grandma Tomita. Really, she's her favorite, I'm jealous.

This is Lori, Chelsey, and me in Jackson a couple of months ago. We stayed at Cowboy Village, hence the logs in the background. We had soooo much fun, and laughed soooo much!

This was a very rare moment, that may not ever be repeated. Good thing I caught it on camera! The three of them together, touching, and smiling! I love it, it will be forever one of my favorite pics of my babies, who aren't really babies anymore.